Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Happy New Year, Indeed

It is with the happiest of hearts that we are sharing the incredible news that we are adding little Austin Scott to our growing family this Spring! I decided that it was time to combine the blogs and put the focus back on new endeavors and silly day-to-day adventures, sticky fingers and all. I have a really great feeling about 2011, even more so than usual, and hope to become a better photographer so that I can capture so many of the special moments that we share as a family. We have a busy year ahead of us full of resolutions, big decisions and the monumental start of the great house remodel extravaganza! In fact, Brandon just primed my darling girl's room so we can try out paint swatches tomorrow!

Here's to love, happiness and new beginnings!
Happy New Year from the Guilbeaus, all four of us!

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