Tuesday, March 22, 2011

33 Weeks (Almost)

Since I don't have a personal photographer on hand and I just now realized that this would be probably only 1 of about 3 pictures of my growing belly, I figured I would bite the bullet and take a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror. Eeks! If you have ever talked to me for more than ten minutes I have probably openly discussed my personal dislike for any pictures taken in a bathroom. But yet here I am. Posing in the bathroom. Holding my precious belly and reevaluating the amount of time and energy I spend disliking things like posing in a bathroom.

So after some careful cropping and editing (nobody wants to see our "vintage" blue wallpaper and counter full of grooming products) I think my bump actually looks kind of cute. Especially when it is in front of my cutesy shower curtain and all comfy-like inside my new Anthro top.

I'm bigger than you thought, aren't I?

One of these days I am going to steal my Dad's camera and take some quality, non-blurry pictures. Promise.
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