Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Place for Baby

We have been busy, busy, busy this past week trying to get the nursery finished (pictures to come soon!) and our checklist whiddled down to only a few items. Last week I snapped out of whatever daze I had been walking around in and realized that my Austin could be here soon. Like way sooner than I was prepared for. So after a few whirlwind trips to Target, some online shopping and a couple of loads of laundry (mmm, dreft...) I feel really good about where we are.

Can I just say that I can't believe that we are going to have a little BOY! Maybe because I am always so busy with Emma, school, and our messy house that I don't really have time to sit around and just think the way I did when I was pregnant with Emma. I had a sense about Emma from the very beginning. I knew she was going to be hilarious and exceptionally smart and not to brag or anything, but she is. All I can really tell about Austin is that he prefers acoustic covers to classical music, he has the most playful kicks (not the roundhouse to the kidney move that Emma enjoyed) and that it must tickle him when I drink ice water. I think this makes me even more anxious for him to get here. I'm ready to start figuring him out.

I remember that I was TERRIFIED for Emma to actually get here. This time around I am so much more relaxed and ready to welcome this perfect addition to our family. I feel this buzz of excitement in the air just knowing that he will be here soon. I will be around 33 weeks on Wednesday (what!) and have gotten my third trimester burst of energy times a million. Nesting has taken on new heights and I keep seeing glimpses of our house becoming a home. It's hard work but so worth it when I wake up to a house ready to be lived in, not still recovering from the hard night we put it through.

It's a really special time around these parts and I am so excited for our next big adventure to start.

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