Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Ready

Last night I finished washing all of Austin's clothes and I think the only thing left is to boil bottles and pacifiers. Phew! I am pretty sure that anything I have forgotten can easily be picked up when we get home. I do still need to pick up a copy of Water for Elephants, a robe from Target and get that mani/pedi I have been dreaming about...but for now I feel good.

I spent some time cleaning up the house last night and it doesn't completely look like a trainwreck anymore. I think I finally figured out the trick to's really, really hard work and you can't take a day off. I sure am glad I figured this out now. Also, I have stocked up on a pretty hefty supply of Method cleaning products and I am extremely pleased with how well they clean. Plus, they smell really good. My favorite part about them is that since they are safe for children, I can now have a little cleaning buddy that helps me to spray and wipe down the counters and windows.

All good things.

Tonight we are going to my Grandfather's birthday party so I hope to get lots of pictures of him loving on his great-granddaughter. He really is the sweetest man and we all just love him to pieces. Until then, Brandon is at class, my parents are bringing me breakfast, and I only have a few loads of laundry left.

We are ready for you, Austin. Come whenever you like.

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