Sunday, April 3, 2011

Market Street

keeping it cool and casual with Daddy while Mommy shops

I don't always feel like a very good parent but last night I think we hit it out of the park. We braved the mall without a stroller and let her run, laugh and greet as many sales associates and security guards as she wanted. She had so much fun shopping with us and to my delight, ran through Anthropologie like a girl on a mission. Her wide eyes marveled at all of the beautiful vignettes and those tiny fingers were stretched out wanting to touch everything. Like mother like daughter. 

Then we took her to go and play outside at the Woodlands Market Street until her little legs couldn't take another step. They had colored lights shining from the floor that all of the kids were running and jumping on. Emma joined right into a game of tag as soon as we got there and although I'm not sure the other kids knew she was playing with them, she had a great time nonetheless. 

 We went to sleep last night without that plaguing guilt that comes at the end of a busy day spent indoors and I am so thankful that spring is here to bring us out of the winter rut. With any luck, the Market Place is going to become our home away from home this summer. There were even hippie Woodlands teenagers there sitting on the steps with bongos. I had to laugh because I would have totally been all about that when I was 16. Good times...

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