Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation Day

Last weekend Brandon graduated with his Masters and we had a little shindig at the house afterwards. Many, many thanks to everyone that helped with the party. I most definitely could not have done it without all of the help. I hope everyone had a really great time and ate till they wanted to explode. Or was that just me?

Since the little man had not had his shots yet our doctor advised against him going to the graduation ceremony. So unfortunately I stayed home with him and had to miss the big event. It was a litttle sad for me but at least I got to hear all about it and my Mom even called me right before they called his name so I could still "be there". Thanks, Mom.

I am one of those weirdos that loves graduations, weddings (ceremonies not just receptions) and don't even get me started on school programs. Love. It's just really fun to celebrate the special moments in the lives of the people that I love and care so much about. It kind of broke my heart that I couldn't be there but seeing Brandon enjoy himself with his friends at his party really made up for it. We don't really "get out there" much anymore because life has been a little nuts these past couple of years but we are really hoping to change that. Unless we get pregnant with twins and we actually disappear off the face of the Earth - never to be seen again...

Brandon's graduation and Austin's arrival marked a very important time for our family and we feel so empowered to start living out so many of the plans we have been dreaming of for the last three years. I couldn't be more proud of my two boys and can't wait to see what new adventures and opportunities come our way.

And Brandon, if you think you are getting away with not putting that robe back on to take a picture with me, Austin and Emma in front of the house you are mistaking. Don't think I forgot.

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