Friday, June 10, 2011

6 Weeks

It has been 6 weeks (and two days) since Mr. Austin came into our lives and he is such a joy. It has taken much more adjusting on my part than I was expecting, but I finally feel like I am getting the hang of things. I always said that having a kid was way easier than I thought. This is mainly because Emma was healthy and happy and aside from a cold here and there, she has never given me a moment's worry. So with just one little tyke running around, life was pretty simple and easy.

Well, having two kids is so much more difficult than I thought. Emma has been a teensy bit OUT OF CONTROL these past couple of weeks and poor little Austin can't quite get rid of a pretty nasty cold. It's been rough. I feel like I keep looking at Brandon with my bloated, makeup-less face and sobbing, "I'm trying! I promise I'm trying my best!" And then he says, "I know you are. You're doing a great job." But in the back of his mind he has to be thinking, "quit freaking the freak out, you freak." I've been a tinch dramatic, to say the least.

Things are looking up though and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. We are trying to get a routine going and Emma is either going to teach me more than I ever wanted to know about patience, or I am going to have a nervous breakdown. Fingers crossed.

She sure does love her baby brother, though. She picked up on all the pet names we use for Austin and now regularly calls him angel, sweetie, boo-boo, "wittle man" and my personal favorite, "my baby bruh-der."

Melt my heart, why don't you?

When it comes to Austin he is just about as cool as can be. He is super easy-going and thankfully growing into such a healthy boy. He has already almost doubled his birth weight! How amazing is that? He has chubby cheeks, a big round belly, bright eyes and the sweetest smile. He really is quite stunning - just like his big sis.

I have been attached to my iphone and have been snapping pictures here and there these past few weeks and want to share a bit of how life has been looking in the Guilbeau house. It's loud, messy, and completely out of control, but we are figuring it out together. Wish us luck :)

This was taken on a little trip to the ER on Memorial Day. We left with a great report from the doctor and have been suctioning that tiny little nose ever since. He was such a trooper and we were so proud of our little guy. I just hope we don't have to go back there any time soon.

 Last week Emma went to work with Daddy. She has begged to go back every day since.


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Glorysgirl said...

I am sure you are doing a great job! Your kiddos are so gorgeous :) Best of luck with your patience. I always find myself praying for patience and I'm pretty sure that God is teaching me by giving me more and more to be patient about. Ha!

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