Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a little fun

These kids are the cutest and I can't get enough of them. Aside from joining Pinterest and becoming feverishly obsessed, the weekend was pretty mellow and full of sweet moments. I especially loved all of the brother/sister bonding that went on. These two are just crazy about each other.

We brought out Emma's teepee and she has pretty much lived in it since Friday. Right now it has an artificial flower, Pottery Barn catalog, empty box of Kleenex and about 700 wooden beads. She must be working on something very special in there.

We made banana and vanilla yogurt popsicles in the Zoku and they were so good. If you make them, do yourself a favor and use Horizon vanilla yogurt. It really makes a huge difference.

We are finally growing Emma's hair out and I love that she has the whole "Tarzan" look going on. It fits her personality to a T.

Someone finally found their feet and is completely fascinated!


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