Monday, July 30, 2012

Kristina Cooks: Magnolia Cupcakes

I made two dozen Magnolia Cupcakes this weekend to take to a baby shower and thought they came out pretty good. I had made this recipe before, and remembered that they were only good right out of the oven. It was one of the first "homemade" recipes I had ever attempted and they dried out very quickly. This time around I dropped the temperature down a tad (I think my oven is a little off) and took them out earlier than I normally would. They definitely weren't as dry as my first batch and didn't fall too much after they cooled. I do wish they were a little lighter, though. They were a bit too dense and very, very sweet. Two cups of sugar sweet. I've got a few more recipes I'm going to try out this week and one of my own (!) that I might play around with. I'm getting braver and braver with each new batch and can't wait to find my own signature style. With my little baking assistant always pulled up at the counter with me I know we are on the right track.

recipe from here.

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