Monday, December 3, 2012


Some weeks I am so determined to master a dish (or vegetable) until I find my own signature way of preparing it. Since I aim high, I'm usually left feeling a little defeated after the first couple of attempts are flops. But here I am, clicking through the web when it dawns on me. Why don't I just combine some of my favorites and see how it goes? Allow me to explain.

I have had pears and brussel sprouts on the brain lately. So why don't I just roast them together with shallots and thyme and them squirt lemon juice over the top right when they come out?! Seriously. I love you forever and always, Martha.

And this...well, ever since she posted it last year I have been craving it. Bacon, avocado, lime, brussel sprouts. It kind of has to be good, you know?

And then for the tart. That beautiful swiss chard, pear, and gruyère tart. I have to say that this will be our dinner on Friday night with a side salad. I might even light some candles, make a little playlist and chill a bottle of wine so that I can pretend that we are out on the town. I'm starting the prayers now that the kids don't start a rebellion when they see the salad and wonder why someone would ruin pears in such a deliberate way.

Needless to say, I'm excited about where this week is going to take us in the kitchen! Keep you posted :)

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