Monday, January 21, 2013

on the list

sunnies // bag // toy // art //stamp // juicer
After Thanksgiving I sat down with Emma and explained to her that she was not going to get any toys until Christmas. If Santa were to find out that she was already getting all the toys she wanted he wouldn't bring her any for Christmas. So we worked long and hard on making the longest list ever to email to St. Nick. (Yes, email. I know, I know. Next year we will send an actual letter on cute holiday stationary and everything.) Well, this really worked like a charm and every time she saw something that she would have normally whined for she simply said, "add it to the list, Mom!" There was also an adorable flick of her wrist and head tilt that went along with it. Seriously so cute.
In the spirit of not being hasty and really being thoughtful about our purchases I've decided to start little lists of my own. Now I would never in a million years actually buy all of the things on this list (a girl can dream, right?) but I will most definitely be saving my pennies for that juicer. I can't wait to experiment and fill the kids up with all of those fruits and veggies!
(juicing inspiration seen here).

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