Sunday, March 27, 2011


Emma spent the weekend charming what seems like the entire city of Corpus Christi when she went on a little road trip with my parents to the Gonzales Family Reunion. She danced the night away and even had a line of little boys who were waiting for a chance to dance with her! Can you believe that?!

While she has been tearing up the town, Brandon and I have enjoyed a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend here at home. It is amazing how even the simplest of things are so different when it is just the two of us. Today we only went to lunch and a few stores but it was just so much fun. We mostly just talked about Emma and her silly ways, but we also did a little dreaming of where the future is going to take our family. We really, really needed a day like today and I feel refreshed and ready for my little tornado to come back so I can cover her in kisses.

I savored every sip of that delicious decaf coffee. I can't wait until I can enjoy a regular cup (or five) after the little one is born. It's just one of life's simple pleasures that I deeply enjoy and miss dearly.

That tart didn't last long.

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