Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go 'Stros!

Last night we made our first trip out to Minute Maid to see the Astros play. Luckily, Brandon's company rented out a suite so were able to get there extra early to let Emma explore on her own terms. This kind of came back to bite us because by the time the 5th inning rolled around we were spent.

We were able to leave without injury, but that doesn't mean that a certain two year old didn't throw up her ice cream all over the suite, have to be bathed in the bathroom sink, and run around in just a diaper until Daddy could buy her another outfit at the team gift shop. It was definitely a learning adventure and a huge wake-up call as to the things that should always remain in my bag. I'm not sure what in the world would possess me to stop carrying around a change of clothes and oxiclean.

While there were some really fun moments, I promise, I'm not sure we will be season ticket holders anytime soon.

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