Sunday, April 17, 2011


As we prepare to add another boy to the household (very soon might I add) I felt that I needed to start marking my territory with hints of lavender throughout the house. Just because Emma and I will be working on an even playing field pretty soon doesn't mean we can't indulge in a few pretty things to admire. We decided that the boys can have the garage as long as we have free reign on the house and garden. I'd say that is more than fair.

LOVING my books and coral. I can't wait to dive into those books. Some are old, most are new, and they are going to be full of inspiration when I can't find the time to catch up on my favorite design blogs.

My lavender and basil getting their daily sun bath. They add the sweetest smell to our kitchen.

Silly girl in cozy jammies helping Mommy.

Our new cereal bows and snack plates. These are from TJ Maxx and Emma loves them as much as I do!

I just might be all talk because I sure can't wait for snails, dirt and baseballs to weasel their way into my life. We just can't wait to welcome our Austin into the world!

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