Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Emma's Chair

Lately, Emma and her chair have been pretty inseparable. She has figured out that it gives her the extra boost she needs to access the whole of the adult world. It seems like all day I hear her pushing her chair from one room to the next to either brush her teeth, get a snack or wash her hands for no less than 20 minutes at a time.

One time she climbed onto the counter and I flipped. All I could think about was her falling and ... yeah, can't think about how that one will end. So I pretended to cry hysterically and I think I scared her enough to keep those toes firmly attached to the seat of the chair. For now, at least.

The whole "crying" thing doesn't really work, by the way. Mainly because she has also mastered the insincerest, weepiest, "I'm soowweeee, I didn't mean to do it...pwease be happy Mommy!" that ever existed. I just wish that it wasn't so funny. It really undermines your authority when you break character to laugh.

As much as I have to get after her for spraying water all over the bathroom (from the previously mentioned hand-washing marathons) and reaching for the potato chips on the third shelf of the pantry at 7:30 am, I think she is pretty funny and love that she came up with this little idea all on her own.

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