Wednesday, May 11, 2011

School Pictures

I dare you to try and find anything cuter than my girl's big beautiful smile in her class picture. I was worried that she might be "that kid" that starts screaming bloody murder the second the photographer says "cheeeeeese", but she totally came through. What a doll! (And I'm just kidding about being worried. She is such a ham that I'm suprised she didn't whip out a top hat and start tap dancing in front of the camera.)

In case you were wondering, the infamous Gideon is right next to her. You can see partners in crime written all over those two. Emma told me, "I want to be next to Oweee (Allie). It's supposed to be me, Oweee and Gideon!" And yes, she says "supposed" all the time. Such a nut. Allie is the cutie on the top row in purple with the pig-tails. I can't wait to see these three musketeers in action one day!

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Taryn and The Girls said...

the "supposed to" reminds me of Berkley's matter of fact line she uses all the time... "actually that's wrong", "actually mommy, I was talking to daddy.", "actually, she is Brett, not 'sister' mommy." OK!!! So sorry Berkley.

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