Monday, August 1, 2011

the weekend.

It was another busy and really fun weekend. The Vermillions made it safely to Houston and we spent the whole weekend laughing, eating and loving on my babies. Fun times all around.

I didn't really get that one good family shot of the Vermillions but I'm hoping to do that today. By the way, if anyone has a suggestion for a small point-and-shoot digital camera I would really appreciate it. I love my iphone and all, but the graininess of indoor shots is killlllliiiiinnnngg me.

 Austin and Noni

No more herniated umbillical cord means no surgery! You go, boy!

I think she might actually be maxed out on pictures. In this one she had probably only been awake for three minutes. I'm out of control.

Hey, handsome.

Hey, handsome x 2.

Just some quick snacks my Mom whipped up. 

Austin playing around on my favorite blanket that I stole from my Mom.

Austin and cousin Clarissa.

Making sure the picture was FB worthy. Of course.

Adorable. Cousin Nina and Austin.

The only picture I took of my super-chic Aunt Kathy, my cycling-obsessed Aunt Cindy and super-model cousin Emily.

Fresh from a bath and looking like a giant baby in Daddy's arms! This picture cracks me up!

Homemade Nutella brownies. Probably the easiest and most dangerous dessert you will ever have.

I used the recipe on the back of the ghirardelli sweetened cocoa powder box.
After the brownies have baked I let them cool slightly then spread Nutella over the top and top with mini chocolate chips and pecans.

***I highly recommend lining the pan with parchment paper before pouring in the batter. That way when you have finished icing them you can lift them out and cut them into squares. It works so much better than trying to pry them out of the pan. It's a gooey mess if you go that route...***

My baby is published! That is one good looking and super informative book. I proofread it cover to cover and have no idea what I'm going to do with all my knowledge of proactive e-discovery in mid-sized corporations!

We made a quick stop at Erin and Mrs. Ginger's house so that my girl could visit with her favorite teacher and I could catch up with my favorite friend. Austin might have slept most of the time but he still managed to charm them with those gorgeous eyelashes.

Streaming some basketball on my Dad's phone.


"Honkin' Horns!"

Like I said, it was a busy weekend filled with all sorts of random bits and pieces. Today I am going to try and brave a few shops with the kids so wish me luck! 

Speaking of shops...did you know that Houston is getting the first BHLDN store in the country?!
Finally, I am so tired of Austin and Dallas getting everything first. You better believe that I will be there the day it opens to soak in all the beauty and run my fingers over EVERYTHING. I can't wait!

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