Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We had another successful trip to our favorite little pumpkin patch this year and I think these smiles say it all. This is our third year going to this patch and it is by far my favorite one. It's small, reasonably priced and my girl is already so familiar with it that she walks around like a total pro. It was Austin's first trip to the patch and he spent the entire time cracking up as he watched Emma race up and down the isles. She actually spiked a small pumpkin into the ground splitting it wide open! I want to say that it was already rotting...but one never knows. I think my favorite part was that we actually got a little family portrait! I love it. 

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that next year we will be able to sip caramel apple ciders in our sweaters and boots. It was close to 85 degrees today! Gah!

Until next year!

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