Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We had the BEST time trick or treating last night. Snow white and the big, bad, wolf were the cutest kids on the block and I couldn't help but look at my sweethearts and try my best to remember every second of it.

Emma was hysterical. She talked to every single neighbor, at length, about the different costumes she saw out, warned them not to be scared of the dragon decoration down the street and always reminded them that she needed a little more candy to give to her buddy in the wagon. She modeled her dress every chance she got, exclaimed with the biggest smile that, "it was such a beaubiful night!" and made sure that she took turns holding all of our hands. I think my favorite new experience of the season was the realization that sometimes decorations are a little spooky. We got the scariest ghost/zombie for our door so that she could get used to seeing things that are a bit frightening. Last year we had to cut the festivities short because a teenager in a scary mask sent her into a panic, trying to claw her way up into my arms, and demanding to be taken home. So in a preemptive attempt to skip the hysterics, we decided that this Halloween needed to be a "wittle bit spooky." She was so brave, even when faced with a life size Freddy Krueger mannequin (who does that?!).

My boy was such a trooper and loved feeling the brisk air on his face as we toted him along in his wagon. We decorated it with streamers, spider webs and pumpkin lights and she we definitely the coolest 6 month old out on the streets! He was a wolf and looked absolutely adorable. He had cozy knit boots that looked like paws, a grey fleece track suit and his furry wolf cap, teeth and all. At one point I looked down and saw that he had fallen asleep just sitting in his bumbo as we pulled him along. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. I hope he enjoyed his first Halloween as much as we all enjoyed sharing it with him.

I love my little family so much.

Taking a break from passing out candy by the tiny handful to try out her first tootsie roll. She loved it!

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