Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buddy Boy

After the last couple of posts have been focused on Emma, my Mom told me that I needed to show more of Buddy. I couldn't agree more.

He is completely obsessed with the forward facing camera on my iPhone and just loves to look at himself. I would too if I looked as cute as he does! This was a little bit of fun we were having while we waited for Sissy's gymnastics class to end.

Love this boy.

P.S. Emma got stellar marks at the end of her last practice! Her gymnastics teacher came up to me at the end of class yesterday and asked me if she had ever been in gymnastics before. I told her no but that she has been taking dance classes for the last year. She then went on to say that she couldn't let me leave without telling me that Emma catches on extremely fast, is so fun to have in class and that she is going to be a great little gymnast! When I loaded her into the car she was sweating! My sweet little baby had her first real "work out" and she loved every second of it! So proud of this little one.

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