Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kristina Cooks: Homemade Baguettes (Attempt #1)

I have been on a bit of a bread making kick lately and I think that I finally found the bread of my dreams. I got the recipe from Kelsey's Essentials and she sure does make it look easy! Watch the video along with the recipe, it really helps to see her actually do the envelope folds. I definitely would have been doing them wrong if I had only read the recipe.

To me, this bread is so perfect because doesn't take all day to make, tastes incredible and gives me an opportunity to practice a few different techniques. I'm already planning on making a few more baguettes this week to practice some areas that need improvement. For starters, I need more deeper slits in the bread because as you can see in the top picture, the bread split at the bottom. A big no-no in the bread making community, but I think it adds character. Am I right?

I'm on a mission to make the best baguette and won't stop until it looks as good as the one above. I have a lot of work to do!

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