Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Bit of Catching Up: Memorial Day 2012

For Memorial weekend we went up to Uncle Buddy's lake house in Toledo Bend and the kids had so much fun. There was barbeque, a botched batch of homemade ice cream, fishing and running through sprinklers. It was HOT, but I just love how kids are so unaffected by the heat that drives grown-ups indoors. They just want to play outside and as long as Mommy keeps the sunscreen and bottled waters coming, they have no complaints! Austin, who was just beginning to tap into his wild man ways was a complete handful. Oh my, he is lucky that he is so cute.

Emma had two adorable kiddos to play with and she still asks to go visit them all the time. They were all about the same age and bonded instantly. I thought it was so sweet that they both, unprompted, called her "Miss Emma" for the entire weekend. You can imagine how much she loved that! She fished for hours and caught over 20 fish! I think there were only about 5 or 6 "keepers" but we were still so proud of our girl!

I told you. Wild Man.

He does have his moments though. Look at that cutie pie exploring with his Daddy. Even though this trip was just a couple of months ago he has already grown so much! Maybe next time we make the trip out to the lake house my boy will be able to stretch his legs and be in a little more control of his body because I know he would just love running around crazy with his big Sis.

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