Monday, July 2, 2012

Houston Childrens Museum

Yesterday we ventured out to the Childrens Museum and the kids were able to really let loose! Brandon and I had to split up and take turns with each kid because Emma is not allowed in the toddler section anymore. It made for a nice opportunity to bond a little with each kid individually for a change.

It was Austin's first time to the museum and he was a total beast! I think he was practicing to be the next American Ninja Warrior.  He left several parents with their mouths agape as he plowed through the obstacles and shimmied his (ahem) plump little self up slides and through tunnels. At one point he was hurling blocks ACROSS the room. I'm not even exaggerating. He was definitely in his element! We only burned bridges with one mom/daughter duo who seemed better suited for playing in a cozy bubble - far, far away from sweet little brutes like my boy. Apparently they take issue with other children who try to, albeit a tad aggressively, give hugs. Oh well. Austin was cuter, anyway...

Now as for girly, she is really into legos and blocks right now so we built a pretty spectacular tower city. She was so focussed and calm while she was constructing her little creation that it made me realize that this one is growing so fast. Right before my eyes she is becoming such a little lady, with her own, very clear, ideas about so many things. I just love her for it.

The kids were both sick with runny noses 15 minutes after we left and as crazy as it sounds I hope to go back soon!

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