Monday, July 16, 2012

That Day in March When We Played in the Bluebonnets

Way back in March we made a stop in Brenham to take a few pictures and let the kids play in the bluebonnets. I had never been and always dreamed that one day I would go with my two beautiful kids in tow. Check and check! It was one of those rare and awesome days where everything goes smoothly and you want to pinch yourself the whole way home because you can't believe how wonderful of a time you had. Emma was totally in heaven and I know that if Austin had been able to walk (he was so close!) that he would have been right there alongside his best girl running through the field. We stopped for some barbecue for lunch and capped off the meal with some delicious Blue Bell ice cream. To make the day extra special we drove through the back roads home while the kids were asleep and imagined growing old in a little country house on a hill with a pond. With the wildflowers in bloom in all directions and the sun setting in the distance we got completely wrapped up in our daydreams and I loved every second of it.

If you're wondering who our Asian friends are, allow me to explain. We were taking a few pictures on our phones of the kids when we noticed three men running in our direction. We really didn't pay any attention until they planted themselves right in front of the kids and started taking a million pictures. We were a little taken with the whole situation at first, but they were so sweet and hardly spoke any English so we figured we would let them get their shots. It got wild when they started taking pictures individually with the kids! We could hardly blame them, these kids are too cute! I wish I could say that this is the first time that a group of Asian people have mobbed the kids, but it happens quite regularly. You can imagine how let down we are when we go to Italian restaurants and no one even looks twice at my babies...

Brandon exchanged cards with one of the men who spoke the best English and while we were driving home we noticed that they emailed us the pictures they took! We were blown away with the shots we got from them and also with the generosity of these three strangers. We will probably never see them again but I will definitely treasure these pictures forever.

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