Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Day Trip to C.C.

Yesterday we went to Corpus for the day to pick up our bathroom cabinet (IT'S GORGEOUS! THANK YOU SO MUCH, RICKY!!!) and found a little time to squeeze in a quick visit with some of our favorite people. We met up with the Gonzales family at Marina Days where the girls were making sales left and right. I'm so proud of them and they work so hard. We wish them the best of luck with Couture94!

Then we met up at Lollycakes with my Aunt Kathy and is she not the most beautiful woman you have ever seen? She adores my babies and the feeling is definitely mutual. We had a lovely visit and hope to see her again really soon when Austin isn't trying to sneak off into the restrooms every 5 seconds!

I wish I would have gotten some pictures with Janie and Ricky but after spending the day fighting with the manual setting on my camera I decided to give myself a break. It's going to make me crazy, I tell you. Of course, we stopped by Boat N Net as soon as got in town so I was in heaven. It's always good and I don't care what anyone says about it (Dad!).

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