Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Girls Cook: Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Icing

If it looks like we do a lot of's because we do A LOT of baking! This week has been especially heavy on the baked goods because once I get an idea in my head, I kind of tend to go all in. I'm really lucky that the kids both love being in the kitchen with me and most mornings Emma wakes up asking what the girls are going to bake today. It's really cute. She is really great at mixing and pouring, too. I think I'll keep her.

I'd have to say that this recipe was another success and while I was leery of not using any baking soda, they came out really good. A little too dense, but still really good. Some people in the comments section were up in arms because they felt that the baking soda was left out, while others said they were just fine without it. If I ever make these again, I might just have to try it with the baking soda to see if it makes any difference. Commenters were also upset that the cupcakes turned out gray. I think it was more of a rosy gray, so just add in some food coloring if you are looking for something more pink. I completely adore the color of the icing because it's so perfectly pink. You just can't get that natural color with food coloring.

Emma loved her "strawberry milk" cupcakes so much that she wanted to share them with neighbors last night. She set out with her Daddy down the street wearing her Valentine apron and ready to say, "baked these fresh for ya!" when they opened the door.

Well, no one answered their door. We know you were home. All of you. And this won't be soon forgotten.

I guess this just means more for Papi and Nana!

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