Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kristina Cooks: Homemade Baguettes (Attempt #2)

While they still aren't there, they came out much better than my first try. They were pillowy on the inside and just crusty enough to provide a nice bite on the outside. I would have liked a little more of a crunchy exterior, but I really shouldn't complain. When you only spend about 10 minutes of actual "hands-on" cooking, it's amazing how wonderful they turn out . This time around I took them off the pan when there was 5 minutes left and laid them right on the rack to help toast up the bottom a bit more. I think it prevented the bread from getting soggy. I still need to work on those slits (I'm thinking deeper still and at more of a diagonal) but I am going to give this recipe one more shot and I have a feeling that the third time's the charm!

I'm excited to try out this one, too. That crust looks just like the crackly one I have been striving for.

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