Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emma's First Day Back to School

I can hardly look at these pictures without tearing up. She is the best girl and even though we have been at bit at odds lately (oh yes, it's started) I was caught by surprise when I got my ugly cry face when I dropped her off at school this morning. My girl was leaving me! She looks like a teenage supermodel! Whaaaaaaaaat?!!!

Not Emma, though. She was so ready to get started on this new school year and could hardly control her excitement as we waited in the car rider line. I could almost feel those first day of school butterflies all over again! She hopped right out of the car and waved a big goofy wave before asking me to wait for her all day in the parking lot.

"Don't leave! Just wait in that parking spot oh-ber dare!" she said pointing to the front of the Church.

"Of course! I'll just wait for you all day!" I shouted back at her.

We gave each other our usual thumbs up and blew each other kisses. Catching each one and putting them in our hearts.

Melt. my. heart. into a million. billion. pieces.

She loves that school so much and we are so lucky that the feeling is 100% mutual on their end as well. At meet the teacher on Tuesday you would have thought she was a politician when she walked into the Community Life Center. She was waving, hugging random people and being called in all directions by her adoring public. I know that if someone would have handed her a baby that she would have picked it up and kissed it. Oh, to be Emma! It's such a fun ride to be watching her carve her way into this world and I know that big, BIG things are yet to come.

I'm so proud and I'm gushing. She's my heart and I'm so lucky that she's all mine. I made her promise me that she will never leave me, even when she has kids and a family of her own. A reasonable request if you ask me.

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