Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Herb Garden

Our garden sure has come a long way! I recently had to trim off over a foot of the basil and oregano limbs because they were so long that they were dragging all over the walkway. I'm going to try and DIY some little chalkboard stakes to mark out each herb and we are definitely due for some stakes to brace the plants and keep them upright. Exciting stuff, let me tell ya! I can't even tell you what a difference having fresh herbs (in abundance!) on hand has done for my cooking and I highly recommend that everyone should have their own herb garden.

A little note: For months the kids and I were watering them daily (I know, I know!) and they were showing absolutely no signs of growth. We couldn't help it, really. They were our little babies and so thirsty in the summer heat! Well, once we left them alone for a couple of weeks and let nature do it's thang they took off and are showing no signs of stopping. Long story short, read the labels and don't overwater your herbs!

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