Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buddy Boy

My Dearest Austin,

You get a bad rap sometimes, baby boy. Your brute strength combined with your monster man temper tend to get the best of you, but I know better. Because for every right hook and deliberate pull of my hair (I can see the intent in your eyes, don't deny it) you give me 100 hugs and kisses a day. I'm really lucky in that regard. You are the quintessential "mama's boy" and I've come to find that everything they say about boys and their mothers is true. It's not your fault you have a determined attitude and the strength of ten thousand're just trying to find your way in this world and we should all just get out of your way. If not, you'll just barrel through us anyway. And that's exactly why I love you, fear you and respect you. You've earned it you little wild man.

One day, when you're 11 and I punish you by making you sit down and read this blog you might wonder why there aren't as many pictures of you smiling as your sister. Let this be proof that it was not for lack of trying on my part.


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