Friday, January 4, 2013

happy new year!

We will be checking in soon with a recap of the holidays + a few resolutions but I just had to add a little good news to the blog since Sean's surgery was a whopping success! The cancer was thought to have been completely contained in the cantaloupe (yes, cantaloupe!) sized tumor on his kidney which was completely removed. No rupturing, no spilling. He is still moving on to chemo and radiation for good measure, but he is up and moving around and from what I hear, back to all his old tricks. Happy New Year, indeed!
Right now we are heading over to reunite the greatest friends the world has ever known. Emma and her two "sisters", Grace and Sofia, are going to spend the morning playing with all of their Christmas loot and she is literally pulling on my shirt to get off the computer and drive her over there ASAP! Hope you are all enjoying this bright and shiny new year!

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