Friday, February 4, 2011

Iced In

Since we are iced in today due to the crazy weather we have been experiencing lately, we decided that it was high time to clean and organize Emma's playroom. Before the room remodel begins we wanted to make sure that we were only going to be keeping what Emma really played with and the quality hand-me-down toys for the little man. Can you believe what I let her play around in before? Goodness gracious...

(Keep in mind this is after 4 bags worth of trash/items to donate had been sorted through and taken out of the room. We started the filtering a couple of weeks ago and never quite got around to finishing.)

Now for a clean slate:

We are officially 5 trash bags lighter and a whole lot happier. Hooray for finally finishing projects! Even Emma was pretty excited about being able to actually see the floor in her playroom again. I'll tell you, a clean room really does make all the difference. While I might be slightly failing at all of my New Years Resolutions, we have made huge strides in keeping our house and lives in order. It's feeling really, really good and it's only making me want to be better. Instead of feeling defeated and completely overwhelmed, tasks and chores are now so much more manageable. I'm starting to actually feel like the responsible homemaker that I shoud be. Now I just have to start making dinner again. Baby steps, people.

I think she is pretty happy with the results, wouldn't you agree? She hardly even remembers the pounds of half-chewed puzzle pieces and Kids Meal toys that we threw out.

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