Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun on a Sick Day

Both kids were a bit under the weather yesterday so I kept Emma home from school and we had a pretty low-key day at Papi and Nana's house. When they couldn't stand being inside the house a second longer and with it only being a cool 95 degrees out, we decided to pull out some bubbles and a few toys. Buddy boy just chased his sister and a tennis ball all over the street and was drenched in sweat within seconds of being in the sun. Boys are so stinky. His little legs were working overtime to keep up with Emma and the biggest smile was glued to his face. Noni is really working her way deep into his heart because I definitely noticed their bond getting stronger. You never know with Austin, though. One second he's batting those feathery eyelashes at you, and the next you are on the receiving end of a right hook straight to the eye. He has impeccable aim. Maybe we will have a boxer on our hands!

Emma finally "clicked" on her bike and was really cruising around the block like a big girl. Aside from one little tumble she was having the time of her life. It's only a matter of time before she asks me to ride her bike to meet up with her friends at the community pool. To which I will have to say, "Do you know what kind of freaks there are out there? Nana never let me ride my bike anywhere, so I'm not going to let you. I will drop you off and wait in the parking lot until you're finished." She is just going to love me, isn't she?

Both kids managed to skin their knees when it was all said and done but I'm pretty sure they had fun. The video below was Emma's first time down the driveway all by herself when the "tumble" took place. It's kind of funny and I had to share.

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