Friday, September 14, 2012

updated mom uniform

I am not a very fashionable person and the past 4 years have not been my best. Motherhood really took a toll on my body and morale and I sort of lost all interest in keeping up with trends. Don't get me wrong, I read lots of fashion blogs and I see how seamlessly others can transition into motherhood, but somewhere along the way I think I lost the confidence to really tap into my own personal style.

My daily obligations don't include going into the office, meeting clients for lunch or even shopping outside of my computer screen. I go to the grocery store, ballet/soccer/gymnastics and greet teachers in the car-rider line. It's a great life and I love it, but it hardly requires 4-inch heels, stacked bracelets and tailored blazers. Instead of remaining "that Mom" in yoga pants, I have been investing in some classic pieces that fit within the context of my daily life. I'm still young, so I want to have a slight edge but ultimately I just want to look simple and put together.

Most of the pieces above I already own or are saving to get. Nothing is extravagant or showy and I would definitely feel comfortable chasing both babies around in this outfit. Even though the calendar says we should be transitioning into Fall, Houston loves to stay hot until at least October and I'm pretty sure I could easily wear shorts till Thanksgiving. I love wearing neutrals and I think this darker take is totally season-appropriate while still staying light enough for our hotter temps. The leather sleeves on the Zara top are to die for and it makes me feel so "with it". By saying "with it" did I just negate being "with it"?

I hope some of my favorites jive with you (yup, I said jive) and please feel free to pass along some of your faves as well!

Credits: 1 - my perfected top-knot / 2 - michael kors watch / 3 - essie's "sand tropez" nail polish / 4 - zara shirt / 5 - gap always skinny jeans in dark wash / 6 - gold locket / 7 - gap black ballet flats

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