Monday, September 10, 2012

Emma's Birthday Part 2

I think someone is trying to put up his horns.

Papi, Nana and Noni came over to do presents and yes, she did get a balance beam! I have to admit that we are all having fun with this. I had no idea how unbalanced I was. That's a lie. The bruises all over my legs and arms remind me allllll the time how uncoordinated I am. Austin is actually surprisingly in control of his little butterball body and flies across the beam without a single misstep. He even manages to push Emma off to the side when she gets in his way like they are battling gladiators. He is such a wild man.

After my girl roped her Noni into a few minutes of fairy play, we headed off to Chuck E. Cheese. Austin had fun but I think Emma was just worn out and wanted to relax and people watch. We played a few games, ate pizza and swallowed down the worst batch of cupcakes in existence (I haaaate it when they don't come out right), before she begged us to take her home. She said that it was too loud and that she was really, really scared of "Chuck's friends". We needed to get her out of there ASAP. She had been so excited to go all day but I guess she just got a bad vibe. If you haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese lately, let me just tell you that it can definitely be a little scary at times.

Before we settled in at home, we stopped by the park for a few minutes to get the last of their wiggles out. I think we had a pretty nice day and I really hope my girl had fun. Not to say that every day isn't some grand attempt at making her happy (because it usually is) but I hope she knows that we tried our best to show her how special she is.

Now that she is back at school and her birthday has passed Bro is due for some attention. He is growing so fast and I plan on doing some serious catching up while Emma is at school this week. Stay tuned for silly pictures of the boy coming up soon!

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